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Birth Doula Meet & Greet

Let's see if we connect before getting to the rest.

  • 1 h

Service Description

We'll grab some coffee/tea and chat about you, your pregnancy, and your ideal birth! (Either In-Person or Virtually, your call!) If you are looking to book birth doula support - we must do a meet & greet first. Doula support is a very up-close and personal gig, and not every doula is right for every person. Our top priority is to set you up with the best care, and in order to do that we need to test our connection first and foremost. After getting to know each other a bit, we will discuss your needs from a doula and decide if we fit well. If we do, we can talk about booking your doula support. We are beyond honored that you are even considering one of us on your birth team, we cannot wait to meet you. 🖤Harvest Moon Birth Services Collective Current availability: Danielle is accepting birth doula & postpartum clients depending on availability. Liz is accepting postpartum doula clients depending on due date. **For postpartum support only, go to the Postpartum Doula Meet & Greet Booking Page. Shauna & Rachel are currently not accepting clients. If you'd like more than one doula to be present at your Meet & Greet (ex, desiring a birth doula who doesn't do postpartum and wanting the postpartum doula to be present as well, OR, wanting to interview more than one of us, let us know in the "Tell me more about you" section or through email/text! You can also schedule multiple Meet & Greets!

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