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Doula Support

A doula is a non-medical support person who provides continuous one-on-one care during labor, birth, and postpartum. Doula support is very individualized. 

Doula's can help with prepping and planning for labor, birth, and postpartum so that you feel informed, prepared, safe, and in charge of your birth/postpartum choices - to help you have an empowering and satisfying experience.

Birth doula's provide emotional and physical support throughout labor and birth while supporting your preferences. Doula's are risk-free and highly effective in improving birth outcomes (read evidence here).

Postpartum doula's provide judgement-free support & companionship along with physical, emotional, and informational support to parents so that they feel informed, safe, empowered, and in charge of their choices during their transitional postpartum journey.

All doula support services include a Meet & Greet and access to our resources and recommendations.

Doula support should be attainable for all. Our services can be altered to fit your specific needs. 

We follow CDC and Washoe County guidelines for Covid-19.

*Although we can't accept insurance, we can offer payment plans and sliding scales -- just ask!

Traditional Birth Doula  

  • Initial Meet & Greet (see description below)

  • Two 2 hour prenatal meetings covering birth preferences, planning for birth, labor strategies and comfort measures, birth and breastfeeding videos, basic newborn care, resources and handouts, answering your questions on pregnancy, birth, postpartum & more. Prenatal meetings can be done in-person or virtual.

  • Available from first meet & greet through 6 weeks postpartum via phone, text, FaceTime, Duo, or email to answer questions, be a sounding board, and provide resources. 

  • On call 24/7 from 38-42 weeks.

  • In-person labor support through 1-2 hours postpartum. 

  • One 1 hour postpartum visit (on your schedule, usually within the first week) to answer questions, talk through birth experience, check in on your healing, well-being, and transition to parenthood.
    Investment: $1800

Virtual Birth Doula 

  • Same details as traditional birth doula - All done virtually through phone, text, FaceTime, Duo, Zoom etc.

  • This service is great for those who live far from us and/or who want doula support but don't want physical contact or another body in your birth space. 
    Investment: $800

Birth & Postpartum Prep

  • Initial Meet & Greet (see description below)

  • 1 hour session to discuss and prep what is most important to you. This can include birth planning, comfort measures and relaxation practice, partner support, postpartum planning, VBAC preparation, cesarean or induction preparation, or anything else that you need birth/postpartum related.

  • This service is great for those who live far from us and/or who want help before and after birth, but not during. Can be done virtual or in-person.
    Investment: $100/session or $320 for 4 sessions

PostPartum doula -

support package may vary by individual doula

  • Initial Meet & Greet (see description below)

  • Support is given in 2, 3, or 4 visits per week for two-five hours each; providing:

    • Diapering support & newborn care

    • Feeding support and resources

    • Support for parent(s) to get adequate sleep and their needs met

    • Baby-wearing assistance

    • Light housekeeping & chores

    • Errands and/or meal prepping

    • A friendly face and companionship

    • Company to appointments

    • Help with other children

    • Help with pets

    • Judgement-free zone

    • Empower you and instill confidence in you during this big transition and new journey

    • Evidence-based and unbiased information and resources

  • Prenatally, we will discuss your needs and come up with a personalized support plan tailored to meet the needs of you and your new family. This can include one-two prenatal meetings at 32-38 weeks to discuss: desires for feeding and sleeping, household jobs/chores, schedules and lists, organization goals, pet(s)and other children (if necessary), signs of emergency, a healthy and healing postpartum, evidence-based suggestions and resources, & more.

  • An excellent option for all parents. Whether it be your first baby or fourth, an extra set of unbiased hands to provide evidence-based care and support where needed during postpartum can be a game changer. 
    Investment: varies by doula ranging $30-$45/hour with bulk packages available. Schedule a meet & greet, or contact each individual postpartum doula for their exact rates and duties. 

meet & Greet

  • We'll grab some coffee/tea and chat about you, your pregnancy, and your ideal birth! In-person or virtually.

  • If you are looking to book doula support - we must do a meet & greet first. Doula support is a very up-close and personal gig, and not every doula is right for every person.

  • Our top priority is to set you up with the best care, and in order to do that we need to test our connection first and foremost.

  • After getting to know each other a bit, we will discuss your needs from a doula and decide if we fit well. If we do, we can talk about booking your doula support.

  • We are beyond honored that you are even considering one of us on your birth team, we cannot wait to meet you.
    Investment: $0 + 1 hour

Meet & Greet
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