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Danielle Turner

Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator
& Founder of Harvest Moon

(702) 882-4005

Ohh hey there!

Excited to meet you!

I grew up being terrified of pregnancy and birth. Once I knew I wanted to have a baby of my own, I knew I'd have to challenge where those fears come from and reroute my thinking by researching evidence based information. Over time I was able to change my fears of birth into excitement and curiosity.

I was knee deep in research prepping for my own journey when I discovered my serious passion and love for all things pregnancy and childbirth! After falling in love with it all, I found out I was pregnant with my first baby - I got to experience pregnancy and childbirth through my own lens and it grew my passion even more.

Being a doula and a childbirth educator is the work my heart has been searching for all this time!

I have finally found my place -- helping others through their pregnancy and birth journeys 🤍


I've been a Doula based in Reno, Nevada since 2019. I have been an educator for nearly 10 years and am so excited to be offering various options for Childbirth Education Courses.  

I help people embark on their birthing journey through breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, comfort measures, evidence based information, support in their choices, and most of all - connection & friendship.

Let's grab some coffee/tea and see if we connect! I’m honored that you’re even considering taking one of my courses or having me on your birth team.

Let's get those pesky

credentials out of the way:

Birth Doula

Trained and qualified through DONA in 2019, certification pending.

Childbirth Educator

Certified Childbirth Educator through ProDoula and a professional member of Evidence Based Birth and [M]otherboard Birth.






I received a B.S in Speech Pathology & Audiology in 2015. I taught 3rd grade for three years at a local charter school while working on a Masters in Elementary Education. After that, I went back to teaching preschool. I left preschool teaching before my son was born and since then have been pursuing my passions for birth work.

*If you made it this far.. high five! ✋


Rachel Lockhart

Birth Doula,

Mental HEalth Provider & Licensed Social Worker

(925) 334-0525

Hi there!


The only answer to the question of what I wanted to be when I grew up that never changed was that I wanted to be a mother. Other answers included a doctor, a nurse, and a therapist–all occupations centered around serving and supporting others and bringing compassion and healing to those who need it. While I am not a mother yet, my passion and excitement about family, motherhood, and bringing new life into this world has drawn me toward being a doula. 


My goal as a doula is to support you in making your birth whatever you want it to be. As a doula I care about YOU! Supporting your preferences, building on your strengths, helping you to inform your decisions, serving as your advocate, and being your ally and friend. In my work, I use a multitude of different comfort measures and relaxation techniques all rooted in evidence-based information. 


Along with my passion for being a doula, I am also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and practicing therapist. My extensive experience advocating for and supporting patients in a hospital setting compliments my doula practice very well. So much of childbirth is a mental game, and I’d love to support you in facing it with strength, excitement, and confidence. 


I would love to grab coffee so that we can get to know eachother better and see if we connect. I am also happy to answer any questions you may have about doula support during this time. I can’t wait to meet you!

BIRTH Doula:

Trained and qualified through Natural Resources in San Francisco in April 2022. I’m currently working on certification!

Licensed Clinical

Social Worker

*disclaimer: I will not be providing any sort of therapy or clinical mental health services as your doula. I will serve as your birth doula only, as being both your doula and your therapist would be a conflict of interest. However, my clinical background does inform my practice as a doula.


Liz Marret

Birth & Postpartum Doula
& Student Midwife

(775) 357-2422

To the prospective mama reading this:


I believe in you. I believe in your natural ability and your inner strength. We can do hard things, and we can do them together. Preparing for your labor and however you envision it can be a beautiful experience.

Whether you’ve done it before or if this is your first time - there is nothing that can compare to feeling supported and ready for your labor and your baby’s welcoming to the world. My Doula and Midwife helped me get to this place, and I soon realized I was very passionate in helping others get there too. 


In 2021 I decided to earn my Doula training and qualification through DONA. This opened the floodgates of passion and excitement for me – I truly found my calling. After completing these studies, I realized I wanted to learn so much more. So, I applied and was accepted to Midwifery school. I will soon be an active student here in the Reno area, but still want to support and empower women during this time  


As a Doula, I love to focus on positive and calming energy. Let’s connect and talk through your birth plans/dreams/hopes – you can paint me a picture of how you envision this experience for yourself and for your baby, from room decorations to pain management. We can discuss labor positions, massage techniques, and the multitude of comfort measure options (that can often even include a partner or family member – this is an inclusive, team effort and we are here to support you, mama!).


There are so many ways we can help you have the birth experience you strive for – I look forward to meeting you and supporting you through this incredible journey. 

A photo of Shauna Hopkins smiling

Shauna  Hopkins

Birth & Postpartum Doula

& Reiki practitioner

(775) 342-5864


I would like to introduce myself, I'm Shauna Hopkins! 


I have chosen to become a part of the before, during, and after process of bringing these blessings into the world because I'm able to give the love, appreciation, and understanding that is wanted and needed for an expecting persons' special and magical life-giving journey!


I offer both birth and postpartum doula support. I approach my services holistically and I look at each journey as a unique experience. My goal is to give you and your family attention, encouragement, friendship, and support specific to your needs throughout your special experience of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

Complimenting my doula passions, I am also an energy healer and reiki practitioner. I consider myself blessed to have found such fulfilling ways to spend my time.

I look forward to meeting you!

Birth Doula

Trained and qualified through DONA in 2019.

Postpartum Doula

Certified Postpartum Doula through ProDoula.

Energy Healer
Trained Energy Healer through RPI.

Reiki practitioner

Certified in Reiki I & II


My love and passion in the child care profession started when I was young. I have always been involved with children and families alike. My passions for helping families has expanded and fueled my love for helping bring these beautiful souls into the world. Birth and postpartum support is a huge passion of mine and I am blessed and honored to have found this path alongside energy healing and reiki work.

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