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Full Day Class

This class covers what to expect for labor, birth, postpartum & more.

  • 270 US dollars

Service Description

A one-time 9 1/2 hour class. This course is great for those wanting a lot of information but who don't have time for the 7-week series, it is our second most comprehensive course. It is quite a long day, but very valuable. It will cover what to expect during labor, birth, and postpartum: including anatomy/physiology, stages and signs of labor, comfort measures/coping techniques, medical pain relief, fetal positioning, labor and birth positions, mental health, routine vs. evidence based care, advocating for yourself, labor rehearsal, building a birth plan, postpartum what to expect & more! This class does not include Newborn Care information, as there is not enough time for it. Very basic information will be included if time permits, but there is not always time. If you are wanting information on newborn care, it is recommended to take that class separately! Breastfeeding class resources in our area will be given during the Full Day Class as well. You can take this course at anytime during pregnancy, but it is encouraged to be in your mid-late 3rd trimester so that the information is fresh - but when you take it is entirely up to you, all are welcome! Upcoming Class Dates: (To book - click Book Now, then find one of the dates below on the calendar) -February 5th -April 23rd -December 10th PLEASE NOTE: All courses are created for any birthing person, regardless of your birth preferences (i.e hospital/home, medicated/unmedicated, etc). Currently classes will be held in-person. Instructor (Danielle) is vaccinated. At the moment masks are not required, but will be discussed at the beginning of class as a group. We are following CDC and County guidelines. ​ All courses have a limited class size. To hold your spot we require a deposit. Includes you & one support person.


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